Yo, badman
Me no trace, me no chat man
And me no war bwoy ‘pon post and Instagram caption
My thing a action
Dem know my thing a action
Man just grab up the trigger so aggressive
Like car tire with the traction
Bun dem!

Scotch bonnet
Rifle buss a so the thing dem hot from it
Slap one inna your chest inna top pocket
Raas, you-your face you drop ‘pon it
Bun dem!
Scotch bonnet
Bun dem!
Scotch bonnet
You could a use obeah
You could a practice black magic
Clap dem!

Verse 1
Chop choppa, chop choppa
Chop choppa, chop choppa
Go fi dem!
Man dress like grandpapa
R.I.P. nine ball with the damn copper
Wet him up, pot water
8, that a Juan Mata
Pussy dem a chat chatter
Badman a topshotter
A no rich badness, we no pay man fi kill man
Me head hotter than Botswana
Icon, bring me gun dem come
Dem love run, but badman nah go run dem down
Put on a track tracker
And anyweh you see the pussy
Just send a WhatsApp, papa
Pull up a your foot inna the Axio?
And fire three hot dollar
Hot dollar, hot dollar, scotch fire
Scotch fire hotter than black grabba
Bun dem!


Verse 2
Scotch like dutty fly
Waltham man dem thirty-five
Long gun you rise when you go fi bwoy
Hype ‘pon man, that you nah fi try
Clap it inna head, marrow touch the sky
Peeping Tom, man buss him eye
Mutch rise up .45, clutch it tight
Your face bone bruk inna it
Grimey, die from me lift
Grimey slimey than mucky pie
McKoy Lane know say me evil
Walk with rifle like thirty-nine
Some pussy act tough and hard
And soft like apple when it go fi ripe
Hot man just rapid it up
Run it hot like chalice when cutchy dry
Bun dem!





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