The recent feud between Beenie Man and Alkaline seems to be gathering more heat after MC Nuffy came out in defence of the “Doctor” saying that he supported him on the comments he made about Alkaline.

The feud started when the dancehall Icon Beenie man called out Alkline while performing at a recent event, he said that Alkaline said he was “done with dutty Jamaica.” This resulted in the “Doctor” receiving a number of backlashes from fans and also triggered a response from the Vendetta boss himself. Alkaline uploaded a post on one of his socil media account calling the Beenie man a “liar” and asking him “How yo so lie?’

However, M.C. Nuffy has sided with Beenie man saying, “A di truth Beenie Man, a talk a nuh lie. Mi support and defend Beenie Man pan dis. Beenie Man nah tell nuh lie. Beenie Man a big man, weh him a tell lie pan di bwoy Alkaline fah. Beenie Man hear him and me believe Beenie Man say him hear him.” He told the weekend Star.

He went further to add that the young deejay is a ‘Kartel copycat’ and lashed out on him for disrespecting Beenie Man.

MC Nuffy Hurt Over The None Staging Of Sting [Video]
“Alkaline a nuh no bad artiste, him just hot right now. Who is Alkaline fi a ask who is Beenie Man, and a disrespect the big icon, the general. Bwoy, yuh nuh have no manners, and mi wah see yuh fi box yuh hard, three hard box.”

He went on to encourage the Alkaline to show some respect to his loyal fans while he still has their support.

“Alkaline fi understand say di same people weh support yuh today, will turn against yuh tomorrow because this is Jamaica and we a one hard set a people fi please,” he said.

“Tell Alkaline say we nuh see him as nobody, and we nuh care bout him, a just the music we want. If yuh a hot artiste, you can’t just a war and a disrespect people pan CD and Instagram and Twitter, and lyrically yuh nah come stand up pan a stage in front of a man. Yuh is a hypocrite to dancehall music and dancehall culture.”

This resulted in Alkaline responding to the dancehall icon on Instagram saying