Izzle, Oosh,
Hmmmm If dem nuh bave a grave enuh
Oosh, Oosh
Bave yuh likkle self microwave
Mar Valley, dead dem dead
Jordan, Yow Frass

[Verse 1]
Alright then
Streets dun know man legit inna war
Neva fidget inna war, not once (not once)
Dem a boots up a likkle midget inna war
Him a bitch inna di war
Tracks man (stop run)
Everybody know a bare box and kick yuh get
Yuh shudda neva sing dat song
Who mi a talk?
Suck p**sy Flopcaan
Wul worl know seh yuh nuh badman (dat a tru)
Anyweh mi si yuh, p**sy mi a buss yuh face
Show yuh seh yuh cyaah style one don (one don)
Man will shoot up di car weh yuh man buy gi yuh
Mek yuh affi lef dat abandon
Yuh get 30 million dolla wut a ride and a range as a prize
And a pack a tampon (tampon)
Hav all tattoo pon hand (Wah gwaan)

[Verse 2]
Microwave yuh a bait, man a mek yuh know str8
Yuh suck out di p**sy, shi put har batty inna yuh face
357 buss, it splash him all ova di place
Head ova deh suh
Foot chop off a grung a wiggle and a shake
Seh dem hav M1, mi deh yah suh a wait
Nuh even affi guh hard, mi kill yuh with a 38
Nah use di rifle, mi nuh hav shot fi waste
Madda prayaz cyaah save yuh
Nuh matta how shi pray
Seh dem a corell, mi spot him from a mile a step
Bwoy dead fram mi leggo di fighter jet
Notwise a try run, him life a tek
Squid a vomit out har tripe, she sight har death
Stop follow up me style, yuh cyaah bi me
Bad fi yuh sista likkle bwoy, yuh nuh bad fi me
Mi lock di city by mi self
A man cut yuh key
Bai killaz man par wid, yuh par wid police

Nuh weh fi tun guh, nuh weh fi run guh
Throw tiyah pon yuh
Gas, light yuh and bun yuh
Try sneak diss mi, brawling gun dun yuh
Buss the 40 till it breeze,
Di place tun upside dung
War cyah ova until dem ova
Cyaah manage, likkle batty bwoy, guh sober
Nuh mek dem fool yuh
Vendetta will skool yuh
Memba weh reach yuh weh day a yuh studio

[Verse 3]
Lee Milla New year, di p**sy dem cyaah stand mi (no)
Tek it to dem different suh dem undastand mi
Name pon grave stone, face pon gansey
Fans dem know yuh nuh hav nuh militancy
Mi kunk yuh dawta, send har guh buy a cranberry
And a bakkle a rum fi drink wen di man bury
Dead aready, come dead back inna January
Target practice pon yuh firmary

(Repeat Chorus)

Dead dem dead
Memba mi tell yuh
Kick off di war dem tink a mi name Riquelme
Memba mi tell yuh
New year, di p**sy dem cyaah stand mi
Tek it to dem different suh dem undastand mi
Name pon grave stone, face pon gansey
Tek it to dem different suh dem undastand mi
Dead dem dead
Know yah cowad caw Notwise did tell mi
Don’t fly dah top deh if yuh doah hav a helmet
Dead dem dead




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