Amber Rose is having a great year financially. After the success of her ‘Muva’ Emoji line, the she has now scored a weekly talk show on VH1!
Amber turned to Instagram to confirm the news. In a caption, Amber wrote “I finally have a voice Rosebuds and ur [sic] gonna love what I have to say!”
The untitled weekly series produced by Dr.Phil and his son has yet to announce a premiere date. However, the series is rumored to begin sometime this summer.

As for what the show will actually entail, Amber will be will be conducting interviews with “celebrity friends” and discussing a range of topics including pop-culture and family ordeals, according to Complex.

In recent times, Amber has garnered much popularity, especially for her bold activism against sexism. Last year, the blonde beauty hosted a SlutWalk in Los Angeles as she marched for feminism.

We’re sure that Amber will be great for TV and a great talk-show host. She undeniably has a natural talent for discussion and interesting commentary, as exhibited in past interviews.