The brother of Jamaican dancehall artist Bounty Killer was arrested at the RLB International Airport Saturday morning for allegedly stealing a cell phone. This was just before Bounty Killer and his entourage were about to board a flight from St. Kitts.

A source told WINN Saturday that the suspect, known as Mark Price was at the airport around minutes to 9am along with Bounty Killer and other members of a 10 man entourage awaiting a flight to St. Maarten. Reports are that Price was being assisted by a customer service representative to fill out his immigration form. The customer service rep left her phone on the counter and Price removed it, checked through immigration and awaited his flight in the departure lounge.

When the customer service representative realized her phone was missing, attempts were made to call it, the source told WINN, but it went straight to voicemail. Airport security checked the surveillance camera which showed Price picking up the phone from the counter as he left. He was confronted by police in the departure lounge, the phone was retrieved and he was arrested and handcuffed. WINN received photos from a WINN I-reporter showing Pryce being cuffed and escorted by police from the airport.


WINN also understands that when the phone was retrieved, the battery, SD card and sim card were already removed. Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Price performed on the St. Kitts Music Festival on Friday night at the Warner Park. He and his entourage, left on a WINAIR flight at 9:53am to St. Maarten leaving Mark Price behind. There they would board a plane to Jamaica. WINN understands that Mark Price is now in custody. We will provide more information on this report as it becomes available.

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