Earlier this week Hot 97 Radio host, Funkmaster Flex took to twitter attacking Nicki Miniaj and Drake for supposedly not writing their own songs.
“Rappers with ghostwriters are entertainers not lyricist!!! They don’t count when u talking bars! #Facts,” he tweeted, adding that “Rapper with ghostwriters get mad when they get called out because they know there’s a difference!”

However, Drake right-hand man Chubbs took to Instagram to defend “Drizzy.”

“Tell Some Old Pu**y Fi S*ck Dem Madda!!!!! #KeepUpPussy #ItsJustDifferent #MoreChune #MoreHate #MoreLife,” he wrote in the caption of a video clip of Drake performing his single “Fake Love.”

Meanwhile Drake is busy on his “Boy Meets World Tour” of Europe.