Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has declared that the death penalty will never be reinstated in Jamaica due to a variety of legal obstacles and a general shift in the world view against executions.

Chuck made the pronouncement on the heels of a call by his colleague National Security Minister Robert Montague that hanging may be the only deterrent to the country’s heartless criminals who are driving up the murder rate by committing heinous and brutal murders.
Chuck told Loop News at the launch of Workers Week and Labour at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kingston on Friday.

“There is no doubt that the death penalty is our clearing expression of condemnation of murder and crimes. I say however that it is virtually impossible for us to start hanging in Jamaica for a long time. I say because our court system has experienced enormous delays, not only in trying cases but getting appeals done. Even when we get the appeals done, we have to contend with the human rights groups and by the time it gets to the Privy Council, five years would have long passed. It is highly unlikely that executions will be ever effected,” Chuck said.
He said that, even though most Jamaicans are in favour of capital punishment, he felt the best deterrent to crime was to apprehend criminals quickly, expedite their court appearances and send them behind bars.



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