A District Constable was shot dead ‘execution style’ close to the Lacovia main road in St Elizabeth.

He is Lewis Robinson, a 56-year-old resident of the parish.

Police report that the body of Lewis was found in his car with a gunshot wound to his mouth.

Head of the St Elizabeth Police Division, Lansford Salmon said residents in the area report that they heard gunshots after 2 this morning.

Police said it appears the firearm of the slain law enforcement officer was taken. The attack in the area has left police in the division on high alert.
“This we believe is a personal attack on law enforcement,” Salmon told Loop News.

His comments come days after police high command raised the threat level against all members of the island security forces to high following a series of attacks against law enforcement officers in recent months.

Less than two weeks ago, policewoman Judith Williams was shot dead as she left her East Kingston home. A few days prior, a policeman from West Kingston was held up and shot several times in Vineyard Town, also in East Kingston.

The attack comes days after another policeman was shot and injured while on an operation in West Kingston.