A video has been circulating online of a woman performing oral sex on Don Andre since then, the Tom Cruise singer have been getting a lot of attention from women on his social media pages commenting on his manhood.

“How Big Is your dic.” One social media user ask.

“Your hood is BIG my gard.” another wrote

Many would have thought that the artiste would have receive a lot of backlashes but females are actually excited about the singer saying he is blessed and gifted.

The singer however, appear not too happy about the attention he has been receiving.

“My client Don Andre has declined to discuss the issue with the media,” she said. “It’s obvious malicious persons are trying to break the artiste. They are making a robust effort to expose him in such ways as to destroy his spirit.” His public relations agent Keona Williams told The Star.

She also hits out on critics who believes that the video was a mare publicity stunt.

“Who would really go to such extent for a news story? A lifetime of torture isn’t worth it,” she said. “As far as I know, his personal information has been compromised, and it’s sad that this situation is impossible to reverse and will stick to him for a lifetime.”

Williams says her client is currently on tour in Europe and is the first dancehall artiste to perform in some major venues in Germany.