Veteran dancer Taz of Timeless/Mula dance crew is asking recording artiste Don Andre to give credit and respect for the Jog dance move.

Taz told Dancers Paradise that he, Doctor Bird, and other dancers created the dance move in 2002 and even premiered the choreography in a Voicemail music video. However, to his surprise, the dance has resurfaced in 2016 with the same name, however, he and his crew are not credited for its creation.

“It’s the same name and the same dance, and, to be even more direct, it is dancers overseas who have pointed out the issue to me. So to me, people are recognising the Jog dance internationally so we need our respect and credit because we are still here,” the veteran said.

The dancer also pointed out that he was not trying to undermine Don Andre’s success.

“We are not fighting, you and we are not fighting for the dance, all we want is our recognition. I think he did not do his research properly, and am sure people told him that the dance was already created by Timeless. But even after all that, he didn’t even invite us to be in the video and that is where we have to step in and demand our credit,” he said.

Taz said he is tired of dancers having to complain about the same issue of creativity theft. He also maintains that he wants unity and a mutual agreement from Don AndrE. Drawing light from John Bling’s recent allegation that Ravers Clavers stole his dance move and changed its name to Wul Up, Taz warned fellow dancers to dig deeper for new dance moves and do a proper research.

“John Bling spoke on it and it’s so ironic that we are experiencing the same thing. But, unlike John Bling, we are not fighting for the dance, we just want our respect and wi nah diss Don AndrE. Right now a unity we a promote in the dancing community because separation destroys progress,” he said.
But, Don AndrE, who is riding high with his Tom Cruise single, said he was unaware of Taz and Doctor Bird’s role in the creation of Jog. He said his version of the dance was modified by other dancers who wanted to add their flavour to the move.

“People always wah fight mi with controversy, all when mi behave myself some passa passa always happen, star. I have no comment,” he said.
Taz is gearing up to release a new dance song, Mad Move, featuring Beenie Man.



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