Drake not accepting any sneak diss for the new year and has formally responded to Alkaline today. The Canada based rapper took to twitter this morning to acknowledge the Vendetta boss calling him out in a recent diss track called “Microwave”. The track was aimed at Popcaan but alkaline could not help but to talk about the new car drake bought Popcaan, which drake also stated on his Instagram a couple months ago in 2016.

The lines that must have gotten the 6god pissed says “Man wi shoot up e car weh yo man buy gi yo mek yo lef that abandon… Yo get 30 million worth a ride and a range and a pack a tampon, have all tattoo pan hand! ” which is arguably the most lethal lines in the song by far.

These verses seemingly inflicted a cut so deep that the drake could not help but to send out a direct response no subliminal, hence making the feud look real. This response leaves us all wondering will we hear an alkaline diss track from Drake or even Popcaan featuring drake.

Drake said: “I know a battery name Alkaline not a person #unruly,” Drake tweeted this morning before deleting it.

See proof of tweet in screenshot below!




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