Vancito Gumbs, a former Dekalb County, Georgia police officer confessed to playing the role of hitman for a Georgia gang on Wednesday after a three year federal investigation.

Gangster Disciples, or GD, is the Georgia division of the gang that originated in Chicago. Gumbs and 32 other alleged gang members were indicted on federal racketeering charges. Charges also include: financial fraud, arson, extortion, robbery, drug trafficking, attempted murder, and murder.

According to Vlad TV: “indictment also states that gang members of the Gangster Disciples were also extorting rappers in the Atlanta area. According to the police, the rappers were forced to become gang affiliated in order to avoid harm. 30 of the 32 indicted in the case were taken into police custody, while two are still at large.”
The former police officer was probably getting a nice chunk of change, but he will probably get thrown the book considering he used to be the law. Like they say in school kids “crime never pays.”