THE Yallahs pipeline had a major break Saturday, causing a mudslide in Shooter’s Hill, St Andrew, and damage to houses, with one owned by Salome Millwood suffering in a serious condition.

Residents blamed the National Water Commission (NWC) for poor maintenance of the pipeline that takes water to the Mona Dam in St Andrew, while the commission in turn blamed illegal connections to the air valve for weakening the line and causing it to break.

The hundreds of gallons of water gushing from the burst pipeline above Millwood’s house occurred just as friends and relatives arrived at a wake for 49-year-old Petrona Richards, who was to be buried at the Shooter’s Hill Burial Park on Sunday.

When the Jamaica Observer visited Shooter’s Hill yesterday, tons of dirt from the mudslide could be seen in heaps on the side of the road.

“All the food we were preparing for my mother’s ‘set up’ (wake) wash way,” Annean Wallace, daughter of the deceased, told the Observer.

“Preparations for the ‘set up’ were on the opposite side of the road from where the mud came pouring down the hillside. We just saw a whole heap of water coming from the main pipe which runs across the hillside. All the fry chicken and curry chicken and soup wash way. A car and a motor bike [were] washed way and other vehicles were stuck in the mud. Some of the liquor that the organisers of the ‘set up’ got on consignment were also washed away,” said Samara Reid, who was in attendance at the wake.




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