The talented Jamaican footballer, Leon Bailey and his agent, Craig Butler left Jamaica over 4 years ago. Butler knew that Bailey was very talented and he wanted the 15 year old Bailey to be placed in a renowned football school, so he could improve his skills.
Bailey was eventually accepted in the Club Genk. This club’s academy is known for recognizing and developing talented players. And Bailey has been called a Wonder Kid since he has been in Belgium. 

This causes us to wonder if all the training he got in Belgium has caused him to say, he will not be playing for the Jamaican team, The Reggae Boys. Even though there has been a lot of pressure from Jamaica. But he has been quoted as saying , “I wants to play in big tournaments against top players, 
and with all due respect I don’t see that happening in Jamaica any time soon.”
You see, Bailey has scored 7 goals in 12 matches in Europe for Genk this term. And he is being sought by some of the most successful teams in Europe.

19 year old Bailey is currently playing as a winger in the Belgian Pro League with KRC Genk. And since Jamaica is currently ranked 77th, playing for Jamaica could limit his career opportunities. The New England Football Association rules are very clear. They state that non-European Union players must represent a country that has a FIFA top 50 rank over the previous two years. 
So it is clear that, Leon has a good thing going on, at this time and he can’t afford to do anything that would cause him to have problems that could destroy his career.