IF you’ve ever been on the receiving end of infidelity, you might say there’s no worthwhile explanation for cheating, especially from someone who has pledged their love for you.

But for some people their acts of infidelity were not intentional, and had nothing to do with affection for the ones they cheated with, or a loss of love for their partners. In fact, the reasons can range from things as simple as frustration after a fight, to a need for comfort.

According to relationship counsellor Wayne Powell, cheaters will first try and convince themselves that their behaviour is warranted and will blame their partners for driving them to find outside what is lacking in their relationships.

“It could be a faulty rationale that has no credible basis,” Powell said.

Below cheaters get honest with All Woman about their real reasons for cheating.


I wanted to have sex with her. I got the opportunity and when opportunity knocks, you answer. Also, where opportunity meets preparation, it is equal to success. It was in the making a long time before.


I felt a desire for something new.


I was just fed up and wanted to vent. The individual presented a shoulder to lean on and was very comforting. He listened to all my concerns and was everything I had wanted in a boyfriend.


The thing, relationship, just wasn’t working. We didn’t see eye to eye on issues.


To feel like the boss lady. I was always the one crying about these things and I believed it was time to flip the script.


I was curious and she was good-looking.


It was an instant connection and to tell you the truth, I just missed the feeling of good romance, so whoever was willing to give it, I was willing to take it.


I wanted to experience something else and some chances only come once. To tell you the truth, I did it for the experience and the thrill that they say comes along with cheating.


I was emotionally broken and needed comfort. I found it with someone who wasn’t my partner.

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