Reggae and dancehall artiste I-Octane says that signing to corporate companies is not sell out and also lashed out at critics of rising female artiste Shenseea, that claims she has risen too fast to stardom.

“We as Jamaicans don’t like to brand ourselves. As a artiste sey him a guh brand himself, they start to say dem man deh sell out, dem man deh pants tight, dem man deh locks too neat and a bag of frivolous things. So it’s clear that we are not understanding the business part of it. So when a next man tries it and gets the full understanding of the business part, it looks strange to your peers,” I-Octane told the Gleaner.

He also defends Shenseea from critics who believe she is rising to fast and commends her team for doing a phenomenal job.

“That is exactly what they did to I-Octane. I don’t view her rise as being wrong, they are doing it perfect. Some of them say Octane buy out the business, and him sign corporate deal, so him do this and him pay fi dat. But that is what your music is supposed to do, this is a business. If I sign to Jay-Z right now, I can guarantee that I will be the biggest reggae artiste in Jamaica by tomorrow. So it is about branding … the industry tends to brand people like Shaggy and Sean Paul, who have made a transition, as sell-outs. But trust me, developing your brands, that is the way to go.” He adds

Shenseea recently won three award at The Youth View Awards (February 2017) best break out artist, favorite collaboration with vybz kartel – loodi and young hot and hype artist of the year.



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