iLoveMakonnen has announced that he’s ready for retirement.

If tweets Atlanta musician iLoveMakonnen sent over the weekend are any indication, he could soon be chucking the deuces to his rap career. After declaring the “rap game wack,” he stated that he’s retiring.

iLoveMakonnen went on to explain that the rap game doesn’t need him, and instead needs more artists like him, those unafraid to be themselves.

“Rap game Wack, everyone flexed up except Makonnen, that’s why I’m retiring. Lol this so good…The game don’t need Me, the game need more like me , more that will be themselves and not afraid like everyone else! It’s all love…It’s ok guys, u have me until 17,” iLoveMakonnen wrote in a series of tweets.

The rapper also expressed concern over what he feels is the need in Hip Hop to be negative and diss your peers.

“It’s like for me to stay, I have to diss all these rappers and be negative, I don’t wanna do that, so I’ll move on. How positive is that,” he tweeted.

iLoveMakonnen doesn’t serve as the only Hip Hopper to announce an early retirement. In March of this year, Chicago lyricist Chief Keef announced his own retirement via Twitter.

“I’m retired you didn’t know? To many niggas sound jus like me or saying shit like almighty would,” Keef said in a message sent on Twitter.




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