Please tell me that this is some type of joke…Are kindergarten students too young for a prom? 

 I came across the above photo on Urban and I was in complete SHOCK.

Many people feel like if our young children are able to have a Kindergarten graduation, why not a Prom?

In my opinion, I feel like it’s a tad bit too much! It’s cute..but judging for the photo above the little girl’s outfit is too much for her age!

I’ll never understand why some people are in such a rush to make their child grow up.

Putting make-up on their 5-year-old’s, dressing them way older than they are, etc.

I agree that a Graduation is more important in a child’s life than a Prom…teaches them to work hard for their success.

I think people just like to fix their children up like little miniature dolls or something because they think its “cute”..which is completely ridiculous if you ask me.

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