Businessman Joe Bogdanovich has the potential do a good job at revitalising Reggae Sumfest.

However according to Popular MC/manager Nuffy, Bogdanovich need to listen to the advice of stalwarts in Jamaican music if he wants to do the job effectively and efficiently.

After it was revealed last month that Sumfest was sold to Bogdanovich, Nuffy says believes the owners of the festival made the right decision since the Reggae Sumfest had reached its peak.

“Joe buying Sumfest is a good thing. We don’t have any other investors in Jamaica that are willing to invest in the music. If we have our own Jamaicans and they are not coming forward to try and help the promoters who care like Supreme Promotions and Mr Gourzong, then other people have to come on board.” he said.

“Joe loves the music and he wants to uplift dancehall in general because he believes in us. It’s a champion move,” he added
While he is happy that Bogdanovich stepped up to the plate with Reggae Sumfest, MC Nuffy said the promoters of Sting were unwilling to let go of the brand for sentimental reasons.

“A money hold back Jamaican events and even Sting. But it was hard for Heavy D and Mr Laing to let go of Sting because we are talking about a product that has been built from scratch, over 30 years of work. But Joe has the money and if he listens to the right people, he will have success. If Laing and Joe can be partners again, and structure the thing in the right way, then Sting will live longer. But dem nuh have nuh bad blood, no matter what you hear people say,” he said.

Speaking with the Jamaica Star, MC Nuffy said that Joe is a good director. He added that he is willing to offer his service to dancehall night at Reggae Sumfest.

“Joe has vision and if he listens he will do well. If him and Laing dem work out things both shows can live 30 more years. A nuff a we collect money from Joe round here and now that he is doing Sumfest we can’t let him fail. We have to show wi support because if Sumfest nuh keep we a guh inna problem,” he said.

Nuffy also gave credit to the Jamaica Tourist Board for supporting dancehall events.

“The Government always get blame, but they help through the Tourist Board. The artistes must also do better because sometimes they run down money too much, and don’t realise that they are damaging dancehall,” he said.