Several death threats was allegedly made against Lisa Hanna on her social media accounts after her suggestion that Vybz kartel music should be banned from local air waves.

However, the former Youth and Culture Minister is not backing down and has clap back at her critics, for attacking her comments on convicted murderer Vybz Kartel producing music from behind prison bars.

“The disgusting comments on my social media pages exposed the dark and vitriolic underbelly of this new normal and justified the point I was making,” the former Miss World said in an article published in the observer.

“The undisguised violence and vulgarity of the disagreements posted and the sheer volume of antisocial attitudes were like megaphones screaming at Jamaicans to wake up and smell the decay into which Jamaica’s proud history of decency and mutual respect has plummeted,” said Hanna.

“When it comes to women’s, and especially children’s rights, I speak out without fear of any reprisal, “I pray that all Jamaicans who value common decency will find the courage to push back against this new normal and defend Jamaica’s true culture. If we lose this battle, however unpopular the battle or its choosing may be, we will have lost Jamaica.”

Hanna says we should be prepared to have a national discussion about messages glorifying criminality being conveyed to our children that’ll ultimately bring deleterious consequences.



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