Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond recently dropped a counteraction for Dexta Daps‘ single ‘Chinese Jordan.’

Since it’s release last month, Macka has been getting mixed reviews from Dancehall fans, while some are in support for the artiste, others bashed the artiste claiming her version is disrespectful to the ‘Shabba Madda Pot’ deejay.

However Macka is now refuting the claims saying she did not mean any disrespect to Dexta Daps.

“Everybody knows that Macka Diamond is the original counteraction mumma. I have been doing this for years. Remember, I usually counteract a lot of Vybz Kartel songs? Counteractions put me on the forefront. When Vybz Kartel did Tek I followed up with Tek Con. So it is no secret, everybody knows me as that type of artiste. When I heard the Dexta Daps single, I definitely knew that the song needed a part two that girls can respond to.” She said.

Macka Diamond added that, “Not saying that I am disrespecting him or anything like that, but usually when a song needs a counteraction, it means we want a balance in message. So the girls will love it because in the parties now when the Dexta Daps is played the males love it, so now the females will have something to walk out to.”

She also stated that the song has been doing really good.

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“The song a get forward in the parties, it mash up Nipples Tuesday the other night, right now, mi inna every segment, the gal segment, dancing segment, and one drop segment. We gone with every segment.”




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