ALBANY, GA  –   A man in Georgia definitely gets my vote as the idiot of the week..   While many of us often text the wrong person when moving too fast, most of us never, ever, ever, ever, ever text law enforcement…

But not this dude. This fool accidentally texted his probation officer thinking he was the weed man


Alvin Cross Jr. was sitting at home blazing and high as a kite when he ran out of weed to mix with his cocaine.  He sent a quick text to his dealer asking if he had any weed.

Except the text never reached his dealer.


It went to his probation officer cause that’s exactly who Alvin texted.

Cross sent the text:

“You have some weed?”

His probation officer could not believe what he was looking at.   

He looked at the text two times like it this a joke? But the P.O. knew his client didn’t have an ounce of sense so off he went along with DEA agents to raid Alvin Cross’ residence..
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