After its previous cancellation, the auction of the gun that George Zimmerman used to murder Trayvon Martin has moved to United Gun Group.

So far, the auction has been overwhelmed with trolls making the highest bid reported at $65 million. In light of the trolling, software implemented to weed out bogus offers has found that the highest legitimate bid is listed at $415,000.

Surprisingly, that offer may go up as ‘pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli has expressed interest in purchasing the firearm. Shkreli turned to Twitter Friday to explain his interest in the sale of the gun.

“The only reason I would bid on the Zimmerman gun would be to destroy it or put it in a museum as a disgusting reminder of racism in the US,” Shkreli wrote on Twitter.

image-24Zimmerman supporters then attacked Shkreli on Twitter claiming that Zimmerman’s actions were warranted in the realm of self-defense.