But badmind a go kill dem slowly
Badmind a go kill dem only
Take dem away from good people
Bruk dem heart and left dem lonely

But badmind a go kill dem slowly
Stress dem out and leave dem lonely
Take dem away from good people
Stay away from good people

(Verse 1)
The bible say man cyaa live by bread alone
So I will never fight my brother own
Mi si shame on you, It’s a shame on you
You nuh really waan fi si nobody come out to nothing
It’s a shame on you

Yo si the devil in a dem when dem smile
Dem mother beat dem too much as a child
Dem nuh grow up wid good providence or parental guidance
Suh dem have dutty ways as a style
But dem cyaa style mi, and dem cyaa soil mi
Man solid as a rock, dem bwoy deh a rat
Dem cyaa spoil mi no

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi tell mi mama seh mi a go buy a lass
Cause too much snake in a the grass
Yes a dem in a the media a chat
But watch yah now unuh fi happy fi the young man
A some a unuh meck the city full a gun man
Suh mi seh uvy caw mi never waan fi turn one
Mi iconic and a nothing mi a come from

(Repeat Chorus)




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