(Chorus 2X)
Tell me what’s your name
Don’t you play this game
You from another land
Got you like it’s contraband
she hit me up like what you need
I got houses in the trees
I got s**t you never think that people ever really see

(Verse 1)
Now I got hoes I got twenty thousand freaks
Making white bi**hes get rosey in they cheeks
I got problems with this condo on the beach
Can’t ruin my s**t I put these bi**hes on a leash
Don’t bring no ni**as when you step into mi casa
I got two separate rooms for Sammi and for Lanna
Stupid ni**as always watching from the corner
I be so bad to let them think for much longer
That I’m always on the move for the cheese
Talking like you wanna be my friend, bi**h please
I seen this s**t many f**king times
You staying for the time
You such a f**king bi**h you never throw a f**king dime
Lost up in the mess with all these people and they overlay
I can’t take this s**t I only seem to f**king complicate

F**k all the molly
Know my ni**as they got me
I just count up this cash
And buy myself a buggati, done talking

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
In san diego, I count up some pesos
Be with some nice bi**hes
And all of them deep throat
F**k am I talking for
I flex till I’m ninety four
Been through a lot of s**t, so the f**k you gone try me for
I catch a body though
I’ll take your audi dawg
Don’t understand the move, and you talking like?
Talking so damn much, but this ain’t no poppet show
I press the damn clutch, and load up the shotty though
Don’t think you shot me dawg
Don’t think you got me, I got the world in a party
I f**k your bi**h as a hobby
I don’t think nobody saw me
When I was down in the lobby
Looking for things that would take me straight from this place and I’m sorry
That I told you I’m sorry
I be telling these lies
From the core of my body
My thoughts flow like dasani
Can’t keep stressing over s**t I can’t change
Bitch I’m f**ked in all ways, and I just came to say
That I’m done

(Repeat Chorus)

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