THE usual tranquility of a Sunday afternoon was yesterday disturbed after a crash at the intersection of Beechwood Avenue and Lyndhurst Road later descended into an incident akin to Wild Wild West shooting and resulted in an unconscious motorist being rushed to the hospital.

According to people claiming to be eyewitnesses, one driver of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was travelling north along Beechwood Avenue onto Lyndhurst Road, when he ran the red light at the intersection and collided into the driver’s side of a station wagon, rendering the driver unconscious.

“A wait a man a wait on di light to change enuh and as it change and him attempt to drive off mi only hear ‘blup’ and see when him (the SUV driver) hit the man, reverse and drive off. It look like him think the man musi did dead,” one woman claiming to have witnessed the entire fiasco told the Jamaica Observer.

The crowd of onlookers claimed that, instead of stopping at the scene of the accident, the driver of the SUV reversed and sped away, which led to him being chased by another motorist who was travelling along Lyndhurst Road towards Maxfield Avenue and witnessed what had happened.




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