Mundo Ravers

After years of battling with kidney problems, Mundo Ravers from the Ravers Clavers dance group passed away on the weekend.

Back in 2010, THE STAR reported that Mundo was severely ill. The dancer, who recently created the ‘Duh Di Right Ting’ dance move, started suffering from kidney problems in 2007 and had almost two dysfunctional kidneys.

Despite numerous fund-raising efforts, he still had difficulty finding the money needed for the kidney transplant that would cost upwards of $5 million, the costly aftercare and the weekly dialysis treatment that cost $16,000.

Years later, Mundo succumbed to his illness.

On Saturday, the news of his death came to the fore when Ding Dong, also from Ravers Clavers, posted Mundo’s death on Instagram.

“R.I.P Mi bredda Mundo Ravers ‘Ricky’. Only God knows the pain and struggle you went through, but no matter what you going through, you never showed it on the outside. When you’re not dancing you’re always laughing and giving jokes even in your worst times. I know you never gave up, the Lord was just ready for you because you are a fighter. You fought for years, everyday of your life from you became sick,” Ding Dong said, below a picture with him and Mundo.

“This was the last time we had fun at #DUHDIRIGHTTING music video shoot. A dance that you created, so you left a part of you with the world. Your days of pain is over now, so just teach God and all the angels the new dance dem. Love and I’ll see you again in a next life bredda…tears……#raversfilife.”

Elephant Man, who did the song for Duh Di Right Ting, said he is shocked by the death especially after the level of energy and happiness he displayed while shooting the music video in December.

“Mi hurt fi know seh a Mundo. Right now mi shake up. Mi deh a mi yaad and mi nuh lef. When mi a write Duh Di Right Ting, a him show mi the dance move and mi write the song to it and the vibe did sweet. The dance world grieve, the music world, the whole a Nannyville sad bout it,” Elephant Man told THE STAR.

Fellow Ravers Clavers member, Unit Ravers, was also taken aback by the news.

“You always say bredda me ago build the baddest dance, all when you on your sick bed. I can’t even say RIP, I swear, love you blood. Wish this news wasn’t real that I wake up to. Mundo Ravers, love you mi bredda,” he posted on Facebook on Saturday.

Another dancer, John Bling, was also heartbroken by the incident, as he believes more persons could have come on board to help. The dancer was moved to the point where he posted a video on Facebook.

“Mi feel it right now fi know seh Mundo pass and gone. A long time him a battle wid the disease fi get a kidney transplant,” John Bling said, making reference to the numerous charity events done to raise money for the surgery.

“This is why mi fight fi dancers. In a case like this weh him need medical aid, mi feel like everybody inna di business fi come together and do a charity event fi try save the youth. A person shouldn’t die because of money. We must unite and help each other.”




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