Prime Minister Andrew Holness is getting mixed reactions from dancehall fan after a recent meeting with artists Agent Sasco and Ce’Cile in light of comments he made on the “daggering dance.”

Holness recently got on the wrong side of dancehall fans after a statement he made at a political rally that “daggering” gives the impression to children that violence is acceptable. “The guys who are doing this daggering dance, they are creative, but, they need to understand that what they are projecting into the minds of our children is that violence is acceptable,” the PM said.

In an effort to amend the relationship with dancehall fans Holness uploaded a photo with himself, Agent Sasco and Ce’Cile to his Instagram page with the caption “I recently sat down with @AgentSasco and @badgyalcecile we discussed dancehall, what can be done to improve the industry and more.”

However, the prime minister is receiving mix reactions from fans. Some fans believe it is an “awesome” move while others believe he should leave dancehall alone.

“Leave Dancehall to sort itself out,” one fan wrote. “It did in the 90s when one of its more influential persona Buju Banton surprised every one in and outside of Dancehall and became a Rastafarian and with it brought the philosophy that projected through his music consciousness and Irie musical content.” One fan wrote under the post.

“sir with due respect it is narrowminded for you to zone in on dancehall as the main cause of our ills because it is not.The music is not as raw and influence as it once was and i dont understand why such a trivial thing is under the microscope at this point, we need to focus of riding the drawers of our society of corruption and strengthening our economy.Blaming dancehall is a shoes the JLP has worn too many times, it is time we start a revolution and take back our country because it seems even when i graduate with my degree and try to get a job they will say Dancehall is the root cause.And we must remember we sing what we see our society have created.Lastly Jamaica is the only country in the world i see attributing crime to music, not the states,not europe infact not Trinidad and their soca music is even more hard core” another fan wrote



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