Fans can remember that R. Kelly posted a now-infamous photo of himself watching Kobe Bryant’s last game on a tiny TV last month.
Last month social media was flooded with hilarious reactions, but now, it’s R. Kelly who has the jokes.

According to Yahoo Music, about halfway through his two-hour set in Chicago over the weekend, R. Kelly addressed the crowd about the photo and said that the criticism “got to him.”

It was at this point that event staff brought a brown leather recliner onto the catwalk and pointed it towards the 50-foot video screen on stage. Then, R. Kelly sat down and watched portions of Kobe’s final game, this time on a significantly larger screen than before. He then watched the “Jake from State Farm” commercial, and went to Netflix to enjoy a bit of the 1999 Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence movie Life.

Acording to concert attendee Dan Garcia, “Other random highlights of the night included singing to fans that he is ‘sweaty than a mutha fucka’ for 15 minutes while he let fans wipe the sweat off him, a 10 minute conversation with a blimp drone robot named R-bot, and much more.”




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