Reggae Artist Andrew Reid (aka Andrew Blood) in Nigeria

Reggae Artist Andrew Reid ( AKA Andrew Blood ) was in Nigeria this month. Andrew was a guest speaker representing Internet Income Jamaica at the recent Afrinet Internet Business Summit.

Since June of this year Andrew has been using his music to make money online as a freelancer. Andrew then joined forces with internet marketing gurus Alicia Lyttle and Lorette Lyttle of Internet Income Jamaica and started teaching others how to duplicate his success. The program on how to make money online has created such an impact in Jamaica that it caught the attention on Nigerian businessman Dr. Ope Banwo, director of the Afrinet Internet Business Summit. Andrew has been teaching at bootcamps held by Internet Income Jamaica since July of this year and along with the director Alicia Lyttle, he was invited to teach and speak in Nigeria.

“I was very excited to be flown into Nigeria along with Alicia Lyttle. The program that we teach in Jamaica on how to work online and make money is working now in Nigeria. We have created a relationship with Nigeria and have duplicated our program there. The bootcamp that we held this month in the city of Lagos was the first of its kind in Nigeria. People set up their businesses and made money within a day!”

Contrary to popular belief Andrew hasn’t taken time away from his music, he’s just channeling his talents in a different direction. He is using his vocals and talents to make money on the internet working from home. He tells us that he has also been working hard on a new e-commerce platform for musicians that he plans to release in 2014.

“I will miss Nigeria, but plans are in the works to return in March to do a four country tour of Africa. I would have liked to have stayed longer but we have an event coming up for Internet Income Jamaica on the weekend of November 22nd and I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and helping people at that event. It’s crazy, I never knew I would make money online but I’m doing it and now I get to teach others how to do it too and the best part is that it works, people are making crazy money. .”

Internet Income Jamaica is a 2 day hands on bootcamp held in Kingston, Jamaica that teaches people how to work and earn online. To find out more about Internet Income Jamaica and what Andrew Reid is doing as part of this initiative, please visit or call 374-7044 / 364-6969.

Reggae Artist Andrew Reid (aka Andrew Blood) in Nigeria 2



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