Safaree did an interview with DJ Self on Power 105.1 FM where he opened up about his feelings towards Nicki Minaj. Though he held back from saying too much, he did say he wants to connect back with his ex-girlfriend on a business level. “I Don’t know… Not in the light of bringing it back to what it was but just on the work sh*t I think the culture need that,” The Jamaican rhymer said.

He was pressed on whether or not he wants to get back together with Nicki Minaj and his response was pleading the fifth using a famous Bounty Killer line. “Not another word we naan go no further, badman naan talk,” he raps.

It’s been over two years since we’ve had an album from Nicki and fans are blaming her relationship with Meek Mill for her decline in music production. Safaree, who has produced her first two hugely successful albums, is ready to get down in the studio with her.

However, she has been working on her new album since last year and now that Meek is out of the picture she can focus on getting it ready for her fans with Safaree’s help.



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