Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall superstar Shaggy has weighed in on the dispute between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, labelling it as sad.

Speaking to the media before his performance at the St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival on Friday night, Shaggy said the relationship has been going South for a while.

“It is sad. I’ve been going to Trinidad for years, since the beginning of my career and I have great friends there. I think the relationship has been going South for a while now but we can only hope things can turn around. I hear there is a new administration, I think that would make it better. I am not calling anybody out but I think that would make it better,” he said.

Jamaicans have been up in arms over the denial of entry to T&T to some of their countrymen at Piarco Airport and their treatment while waiting to be returned home.

Earlier, he took a not so subtle jab at the situation as well as the arrest of Popcaan at a show in Antigua when one reporter asked what he liked about St Lucia.

“It’s one of my most favourite islands, they don’t send the police to push artistes off the stage and they seem to embrace the Jamaicans more than the other neighbours,” he said.