A recently release song titled “Happy Juk” from break-out dancehall diva Shenseea had many fans wondering if she was taking aim at Spice in a verse where she sings …”the indicator na work because the bulb blow.”

While fans were anticipating a response from Spice, speculation of any feud between both camps have been put to bed by Shenseea.

Y’all can’t study me, me will lead unu a stray and mad unu 😂😂😂😂 wull a unu sad ya now 😛 @spiceofficial… 2 baddest female artiste RN. Shenseea wrote in a post next to a video she upload to her Instagram chlling with Spice and Romeich.

Spice “Indicator” is one of the most popular song from a dancehall female artiste at the moment. She was even endorsed by Nicki Minaj recent times as the female version of vybz kartel.



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