Last night’s Sting launch was a cosmopolitan affair at the Jamaica Pegasus. Red Carpet entrance ushered you into the celebrity mingle bar and from there into the ballroom which was tastefully decorated with sponsor call outs. The VIP enclosure reflected all the sponsors in movie like fashion as sting supporters greeted each other with hugs and kisses and laughter and just a general good mood and feel. The décor was on point; they brought the technology and production values of Jamworld to the Pegasus.

Howard ‘Big Mac’ McIntosh was in his element when he introduced the Sting Directors (Isaiah Laing, Junior ‘Heavy D’ Fraser, Josef Bogdanovich and Big Mac himself). He entered with a ‘bad man’ walk which the capacity crowd loved, he played some music and then he ran the ‘Tiger’ track ‘when’. He had the audience singing and dancing with him and then the track stuck on ‘Laing’. ‘Big Mac’ proclaimed that the Supreme men were big, black and bald, but they had a partner who was the opposite of that, at which time he welcomed Joe to the ‘million dollar man’ track.

Creator of Sting and Supreme promotions C.E.O. Isaiah Laing spoke about the December release of his book “Point Blank Range….A Jamaican Bad man police..The story of Isaiah Laing” Josef Bogdanovich spoke afterwards and just like Tony Stark “Iron Man’ he proved he was the millionaire philanthropist genius in terms of what he has planned for Sting.

Minister of youth and culture Lisa Hannah was very congenial, she reminisced about Sting and when she attended, and she labeled ‘Super Cat’ as her DJ doing a perfect rendition of “Dem nuh worry we”. She alluded that she appreciates Sting taking Dancehall to the world. Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment Damion Crawford endorsed the event, its reach and what it means to the Jamaican people.

AOIM’s Dan Rush spoke to the plans that are afoot for the expansion of the 30 year old Greatest one night reggae dancehall show on earth, through a multi-platform approach.
The Jamaica Tourist Board endorsed the Sting product and where its going.

Everyone who is anyone in entertainment turned out to support the Sting launch last night, emceed by Miss Kitty and Clyde McKenzie, it was a party indeed and as I close, though everyone looked lovely last night, I have to mention Marion ‘Lady Saw’ Hall, in terms of being timeless, looking not a day older than 28.




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