I wrote this in jail I’m back though, you heard
Couldn’t wait to get back, get in my V and pull the f**k off
Tried to hold a ni**a ransom, money too long you heard

(Verse 1)
Real street ni**a talking bout the real streets
All my V’s drop from the foreigns to the Jeep
Let the sun shine in thank you lord
Hot boy Troy heading out to a freak
She pull up, I get the workout without pull ups
My son almost 2 I’m getting money for his pull-ups
Use the leftovers for a house and Range Rover
Bought my baby moms her first one now that things over
Waiting for this damn case to be the same thing
Everyday I think about my homie Bang Bang
Lemon pepper wings soon as I get out of jail
Gotta buy a new phone cause police kept my cell
And my jewelry but a ni**a getting all new ice
B$B rings, Big chains ni**a boss up your life
Married to the game but still f**king your wife
You been hating so her pu**y for revenge feels nice

(Chorus – 2X)
Riding in my whip all my paperwork legit
I’m official, ni**a you officially be riding dick
Up in rush hour traffic, I ain’t in a rush though
Cause these bi**hes gotta wait and this dutch burn slow

(Verse 2)
When I was young I always wanted to grow up and get guap
Couldn’t make this type of bread as a fireman or cop
Too much student loans to become a lawyer or a doc
I ain’t into owing paper, all my kilos on the spot
Got a cool lil chick who smoke a brick straight pass
Real pretty but was real skinny till I bought that bi**h a ass
Can’t nobody say I ain’t gave back to the community
Gotta look at people strange who say they ain’t feeling me
I’m a living legend out the city, y’all stand tall
If you from the hood though know I represent you all
I got love for every coast and every ni**a tryna make it
I got questions for the ones that see us and they hating
Why you mad huh tell me why you mad motherfucker
I’m gonna start acting funny style like im Chris Tucker
Up in rush hour traffic I ain’t in a rush though, cause these bi**hes wait and this dutch burn slow
Riding in my whip all my paperwork legit
I’m official, you officially be riding dick
I went about it the right way humble and you left out
I been said you can’t have your hand and your chest out
I remember feeling good when my coke was fresh out
But when they was calling and I ain’t have no more I was stressed out
But I put 2 on every 10 that way it stretched out
1200 every 1000g that clears any debt out, damn
Impressive as a motherf**ker, real hustlers know
Put a little ice in that thing, It’ll take you a long way



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