Following harsh criticisms, producer Troyton is taking responsibility for Dexta Daps music video for his infectious hit 7Eleven.

Since making its debut last week, the dancehall singjay’s fans have been heavily criticizing the concept of the video on social media and on YouTube. Some called the 7Eleven music video a complete waste of time while others labeled it a failed concept because the storyline differs from the song.

According to reports, Dexta Daps claims the music video was shot in January and was not completed because he did not approve of the quality of the video and had opted out of shooting more scenes.

However, Troyton admits to Music News that he went ahead with the music video to appease eager fans. The Producer also blames miscommunication as a reason for the current 7Eleven mishap.


In case you haven’t seen the video, chances are you won’t be able to anymore because Dexta Daps removed the clip from his YouTube Vevo channel.




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