It must have been really good timing, as Tyga surprising opened up to TMZ reporters about the rumors that his highly publicized relationship with Kylie Jenner had come to an end, as well as elaborating on the fact that his baby mama, Blac Chyna, is expecting a bundle of joy with his now ex-girlfriend’s brother, Rob Kardashian.

“We’re both just focused on our lives; our individual lives right now and sometimes things don’t work out,” told TMZ while hanging back at LAX before adding, “But y’know, I love her. So, you know.”

When the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian baby inquiry popped up, Tyga did react with an actual LOL, but he didn’t dodge the question all the same.

“I mean yeah, people grow and you know and it’s time to evolve. So everybody should have an opportunity at love and to live their life,” he admitted.

Sensing that he could go the distance, the TMZ reporter pressed the looming issue that Rob may in fact soon be babysitting his soon-to-be stepson, King Cairo, to which Tyga’s demeanor changed before snapping “Don’t go too far with that.”