Gaza Slim, born Vanessa Saddler, joined forces with the Portmore Empire in 2010 which was founded and lead by incarcerated dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel.

Slim’s career took off immediately after she voiced her hit single “One Man”, which also featured Vybz Kartel. Since then the duo has recorded many singles that have done well and is still doing well such as “Stop gwaan like yuh tuff”, “Anything a Anything”, and “So much Woman”.

Their close relationship deserves applause but a short time before Vybz Kartel was arrested, there were speculations that their relationship was more than on the professional level and that they were indeed an item. These rumours were shrugged off by both Slim andVybz Kartel.

When Vybz Kartel was arrested in 2011 for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams, Slim was also facing charges for attempting to pervert the course of Justice. The reports are that after Kartel was arrested, Slim went to the Constant Spring Police Station and reported that she was held at gun point by a man name CliveWilliams. She has since been freed of the charges.

However, it may seem that the once ‘Bonnie and Clyde of  dancehall music’ couple are currently at odds. Persons from the Kartel’s inner circle have revealed that Slim has been on the outs with the ‘Teacha’ since she allegedly disrespected his common law wife and mother of his children, Shorty. This did not settle wellwith Kartel.

Before his trial, the majority of Kartel’s collaborations was done with Gaza Slim but since then he has been featuring female artists such as Denyque, Keshan, and upcoming artist Toian, all of which have been getting a terrific feedback.

Critics have been speculating that his recent hit single “Crashing Head On” spoke specifically to his relationship with Slim and the betrayal he felt from her actions. It is also being said that the preview of one of his new songs, produced by DJ Sunshine is also another hit out at Gaza Slim as he says “ungrateful dog nyam dutty pudding”.


Slim, however, is not giving any indication that she has any issues at all with the deejay. She recently collected a Star award on Kartel’s behalf, for which he was very upset. In a recent interview, Slim clearly stated that she is happy, so much so that she is engaged to be married, and speculations are that it is to Kranium



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