Incarcerated deejay Vybz kartel recently took to Instagram to suggest that he will soon be a free man and of such “Dancehall will be nice again”.

“carnage when me do road…DANCEHALL NICE AGAIN #GAZANATION” Kartel wrote on his Instagram page.

Kartel’s legal team is expecting to have an appeal hearing early 2017 and are confident of a successful outcome.

“A number of issues arose in the trial where we feel the judge made erroneous decisions. A number of jurors were employed as agents of the state and, had that information been given to the defense, they certainly would not have sat on that jury. That has come out in the trial of the juror who was charged with attempting to bribe other members of the jury,” Tom Taveres Finson said.

see original post below, Vybz kartel has since updated his profile details to something else…