When people think of modeling, supermodels probably come to mind. While these elegant models often reflect the best of high fashion, they are by no means the only representation of the industry. In fact, modeling can be a very diverse industry depending on what type you pursue.

· Fashion: Fashion models are used for advertising campaigns. In these campaigns, fashion models are asked to model clothing and other accessories. These models are often held to strict physical standards, and they must know how to pose properly for photographs.
· Runway: Like fashion models, runway models are expected to showcase new clothing and accessories. However, while fashion models take photographs, runway models demonstrate these products live. Runway models must master the right walk to ensure that the clothing is featured appropriately.
· Fitness: These models specifically highlight fitness products. Because of this, these models must have a fit and toned physique.
· Plus Size: Plus size models do not fit the traditional modeling mold, and they feature more curves and may wear normal clothing sizes. Some advocates hope that plus size models will become fully integrated throughout the industry, but the evolving opportunities for plus size models are a positive sign.
· Instagram: Many aspiring models now use platforms like Instagram to showcase their skills. Accordingly, Instagram models can be far more diverse, but the competition to gain a following is fierce.
· Editorial: This elite modeling is less about the products being worn and more about the artistry of the modeling shoot. These models are featured in reputable fashion magazines.
· Television: Fashion ads still run on the television, and models are needed to showcase new brands and products. Television models have a lot in common with fashion models, but they have to be able to do sustained work in front of the camera.

With any type of modeling, it is essential to have the right backing. A modeling agency can provide the support needed to get established. Although there are many agencies available, it is recommended to work with a quality agency. For example, options like The Brown Agency provide superior support, ensuring more work and better jobs for aspiring models.

With this guidance, it is possible to find your niche in the modeling world. After all, modeling may seem to be about your looks, but finding success in a competitive industry requires your brains as well.



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