Congrats to young entrepreneur Daniel who walked away with two outstanding awards from the Clarendon entertainment awards that was held on Wednesday march 1, 2017. The Eighteen year old who recently Graduated from the Vere Technical High School last June 2016 took the award show after he won best young promoter of the year and his show that was given stage show of the year.

Daniel said the following…

I came up with the name “Legacy” after hearing the alkaline song titled “formula “, this song has really given me drive to push through many obstacles by the help of God. Lines like “Dem naaayyy waa mi yah mi cut and come back with the formula have everybody speechless like Micheal Jackson song enu ” , “mi Legacy will never die a swear ” . As a youth growing up from out a the ghetto mi always wish fi God shine some light and he really did and for that I’m forever thankful.



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