Dancehall selector now turn artist DJ Rush is imploring Lisa Hanna to visit dances and do some field research instead of relying on social media.

“Actually go to some dances and stop watching Facebook clips. Book an appointment with me because there is so much you apparently don’t understand. Book an appointment to discuss the issue. Can go pan a date too though, all good,” he Told the Star.

“The people pick who they want to hear, not us as DJs. The people want to hear Gaza. Politicians should go fix the economy and stop trying to be DJs and distracting people from the fact that they aren’t doing their jobs properly,” He adds.

Rush also wants journalists like veteran Ian Boyne to discontinue blaming the music for the rise in criminal activities.

“Does the Terminator or Rambo (movies) cause crime? People watch or listen to what they want because of the mood they are in and what they are living. If someone is heartbroken they listen to sad songs. Do sad songs break people’s hearts?” he questioned.

Rush recently released a song titled “Tell Mi Weh Fi Meet Yu” which features Kartel.