While performing at Galiday Bounce in Ewartan a couple days ago the King of the dancehall Beenie Man paused is show to tell the crowd that Alkaline said that he wont perform in dutty Jamaica, “alkaline seh him done wid dutty Jamaica”. Did Beenie Man do this for the buzz it would bring? Now the question we all asking is if this statement is true or false.

Today in an attempt to clear his name the tall-man Alkaline his hitting back via his instagram dismissing Beenie Man’s comments while dissing the king at the same time. in a seeminglt angry manner Alkaline wrote “manhimselffBig pussy Beenie me know yuh ? how yuh so lie? Tag him”

Alkline has also changed is primary IG from Alkaline 2016 to manhimselff
Whats your thoughts on this new brewing feud.

Watch Video with Beenie Man below calling out Alkaline

This is Alkaline’s response.