Beenie Man Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise INTERVIEW [Video]

Dancehall legend Beenie man is not shying away from the recent feud between himself and the Vendetta camp. The self-proclaimed king of dancehall recently called out Alkaline on a show saying that Alkaline said “him na perform in dutty Jamaica.” Alkaline responded on social media by calling Beenie man a “liar”

The “Doctor,” however is not shying away even after receiving backlash from Alkaline fans. He is imploring Alkaline to perform in Jamaica this year.

“I am the king of dancehall and I am defending the music,” Beenie said. “If the people them are dancing and singing to your music then the people should be able to see you sing it live and that is my point of view. I don’t care if you want to vex if I say that you’re not singing for Jamaican people. After your not better than none of us.”

Beenie man made it clear that he does not have an issue with anyone but is just speaking his mind.