It’s almost 30 years since a Jamaican bobsled team took the world by storm when they competed in the Winter Olympics. Athletes were recruited from the Jamaica Defence Force, which saw Dudley Stokes, Devon Harris and Michael White become the first members of the team.

In order to make it to Calgary, the team needed to borrow sleds from other countries and barely managed to scrape together the funds necessary to recruit a coach. Their mission was later commemorated in the 1993 American comedy movie Cool Runnings.

Now a new generation of Jamaican Bobsleighers are facing a similar plight as they attempt to raise funds to hire a coach to guide them to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

A GoFundme page has now been created as the team seeks assistance to accrue the required $60,000 to hire a coach.

The online fundraising page reads:
“The Winter Olympics are in just over a year, and we are in the midst of our training. With trust in God, and each other, we are working as hard as we can; however, we are missing one thing-a coach. We have the talent, the discipline and the determination, needed to contend in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Please support our efforts to raise enough funds to hire a coach. A coach is there to guide you, challenge you and push you when you think you have nothing more to give. They believe in you, when you don’t believe in yourself.”