Controversial figure Marvin the Dancer has issued an apology to the public after coming under heavy criticism for his humiliation of a female patron at a party.

Marvin took to Instagram to announce that he was also changing his nickname from “The (expletive) Beast” to just “The Beast”.
“Because of my daughter I’m now changing my name from the (expletive) beast to the beast,” the Montego Bay-based dancer said in the caption of a photo of himself with his daughter.

“I love all the people in the world and I’m so sorry if you all think me and my team do a bad job last week in Jamaica and I hope you all accept my apology,” he said, adding “I will be more careful with my dancing now One Love to you all from me.”

Criticism of  the Dancer began after a viral Facebook video showed Marvin and his cronies lifting and tearing off a woman’s clothing, chasing her like a hunted animal, gyrating on her and placing a bucket over her head and beating on it lustily, even though the woman protested and begged them to stop.
The viral video became a global topic after international media including Britain-based Daily Mail joined the chorus of voices condemning the action and blasted social media website Facebook for not removing the video until it was viewed some 1.8 million times and shared 15,500 times.

Meanwhile, Marvin was lauded by scores of social media users for his apology.

“Am glad yuuh tek in wey di people dem ah seh an look inna yuh self an say ah real thing enuh,” said Kandy_Dweet, adding “glad you neva tek it the wrong way and apologise. Big up you.”

EnchantedEyez said: “I think your apology was sincere so accepted the good thing is you recognize you were wrong and thats a start….big up you self.”