There was champagne all over uptown Jamaica on March 13, 2014; politicians jockeyed to take credit for it; the police released statements of joy; some fanatical pastors and bourgeois Jamaica sang praises – March 13, 2104 was the night a jury disregarded and ignored tampered evidence, missing evidence, missing DNA, police misconduct, the absence of a body and listened to a nursery rhyme like story by a key prosecution witness which he allegedly later retracted in a letter, and found Adidja Palmer and three other men guilty for the murder of a man who is still be alive in my opinion. Welcome to Jamrock.

It seems they all thought with the conviction of Vybz Kartel, his music, his legendary status and his fan base were finally dead. No more “fyah” on Babylon from Jamaica’s number 1 lyricist. No more hearing Kartel voice bellowing that 4grand a week is too small for poor people to survive, no more talk of ghetto pride from the Gaza crew and most importantly, no more dancing of Kartel songs by nice decent uptown girls – they all thought it was over. WRONG!

One year later, the amazing album Viking (Vybz is King) is launched. If some thought Kartel was great before this album, their jaws (and some female dr@ws) are going to drop when they hear this masterpiece of the Dancehall genre. Add this to the four Youth View Awards last month, the number 1 ranking on for his book Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto, the emergence of his sons as Dancehall stars in their own right, the success of his wife’s Record Label, the upcoming launch of his clothing line; put all that together and it will be hard for his “haters” to accept that Adidja Palmer is incarcerated but never silenced. There was even a “hush hush” plot to murder him in jail that included staff from the prison where he is awaiting his appeal – like other attempts to destroy him – that failed too.

Since his incarceration, he has had as many hit songs as when he was free, his twitter fans have nearly doubled, he was featured on a Twerk remix with US superstars such as Busta Rhymes, Nikki Minaj, Neyo, and French Montana; and his other previously recorded music dominate the Dancehall airwaves in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Free Worlboss movement remains strong and grows every day. Despite harassment and strange arrests of Kartel affiliates and supporters; they are many loyal people close to him who believe in justice and his ultimate freedom.

We will continue to say GAZA for LIFE!