LINSTEAD got the perfect musical treat on New Year’s Eve with the inaugural Sound Di Alarm Music Festival, held at Dinthill Technical High School.

The event attracted a fair-sized crowd to the rural St Catherine community. They saw captivating performances from founder and ‘home boy’ Iba Mahr, Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Nesbeth and Ikaya, all backed by the Bebble Rockers Band.

Kabaka started the mini segment with Never Be A Slave, Warrior Today and No Capitalist. He invited Kelissa on stage, and she did her best known songs, Di Gideon and Slow Down.

The applause for Chronixx was deafening. Songs like We Alright and Clean Like a Whistle sent the crowd into a frenzy while lighters flickered when Iba Mahr chipped in with Mama Rosie.

Ikaya delivered a strong performance, beginning with Hard Way, then topped off with Fly Away and Ugly Girl.

Nesbeth’s popularity has grown considerably in recent weeks, thanks to the hit single, My Dream. The audience also reacted well to Boardhouse and Guns Out.

Earlier, Jami Dread, Jessie Royal, Tony Curtis and Jigsy King and Esco Levi did worthy sets.

As 4:00 am approached, Ninjaman, Bugle, Bushman and I Wayne warmed up the chilly venue with a medley of hit songs.