It seems Nicki Minaj is very serious about her split with Meek Mill and have absolutely no desire of a reconciliation.

As reported by Urbanislandz sources connected to the Trinidadian rapper said that she blocked Meek Mill on all her social media accounts including Instagram and Twitter. She also blocked his numbers from calling her.

“He has been trying to contact her since their breakup but she is determine it rid him of her life complete, He is block and delete on IG and Twitter for sure and all three numbers that he used to call or text her have been blocked. She even went as far as to have her people screen her calls so she could avoid picking up the phone and hearing his voice.”

“Nicki packed all of his stuffs at her house in California and shipped them to him because she doesn’t want him back there,” it was reported. “Her team is vetting all of her outings to make sure that she doesn’t ran into him at anyone of her appearances at events or any outing.”

The couple broke up on her 34th birthday while vacationing in Turks and Caicos Island in the Caribbean in December. An alleged Meek Mill side chick came out of the woodwork with reports claiming that she had a year long affair with the Philly rapper who in turn showered her with gifts and even bought her a boutique.