Aidonia publicist Raymond ‘Shadow’ Small, recently discredited the rumours that has been circulating on social media that the deejay and fellow artiste Mavado are in a lyrical war.

Rumours of an Aidonia-Mavado war flooded social media over the weekend following the release of Aidonia song titled, Dem Badness A Fraud, which was viewed as a Mavado diss trak by social media users.

However, in an interview with the Star Shadow dismissed such allegations. “It is a song to be released soon. To say who the song is addressed to is something I cannot confirm because as artistes you have to be creative using your similes and puns. You can’t say a song is directed to anybody unless there is a specific reference. But to say it is aimed at Mavado or anybody else is really something I cannot call,” he said.

He also had a message for social media uploaders, “Some of these websites and YouTube uploaders should refrain from taking people’s work and misrepresent it because as far as I know, Aidonia has never spoken about Mavado in a disparaging manner. People on social media are hungry for something to latch on to in an attempt to increase their likes and views. Sometimes the information which they promote to the public is the furthest from reality,” he said.

Aidonia’s last popular feud saw him exchanging lyrical shots with Busy Signal during their formative years.